3fu3l Podcast

3fu3l Podcast

A podcast that challenges conventional wisdom

07 Valerie Hunt

07 Valerie Hunt

Valerie Hunt shares how she uses, proper nutrition, good recovery, Pose Method Running, and Crossfit Endurance to enhance a runner's performance.

06 Kirsten Beverley

I talk with Kirsten Beverley about crossfit endurance, nutrition, recovery and motivation.

05 Thomas Cox of Mealfit.co

In this episode I talk with Thomas Cox of Mealfit.co about crossfit, motivation, time management and recovery.

04 Brandon Bethke - Sub 4 min mile

I talk with Brandon Bethke about what it takes to run a sub 4 min mile. We talk about the training, nutrition, rest and recovery it takes to reach the elite level in distance running.

Since 1957, less than 350 US runners have broken the 4 minute mile. On February 9th, 2008 Brandon Bethke became the 301st American to run under 4 minutes for the mile by running 3 minutes 59.85 seconds. More people have climbed Mt. Everest than have broken 4 minutes in the mile.

03 Chris "Stouty" Stoutenburg - Wheelchair Wod

Chris "Stouty" Stoutenburg suffered a severe spinal cord injury which forced him into a wheelchair. He now focuses on adapting crossfit workouts for other athletes with similar restrictions. Chris holds 2 gold medals, 1 silver, and 1 bronze for competing the Canada Men's Wheelchair Basketball.

Chris has made it his mission to help other athletes who've suffered from similar injuries by opening a crossfit gym and creating a website to showcase crossfit exercises for athletes in a wheelchair.

02 Danielle Horan - Crossfit Games

Dani Horan is a crossfit games athlete and crossfit coach. In this episode, she talks about what it takes to train for the crossfit games. We cover nutrition, recovery, sleep, supplements and 3fu3l.

01 Erin & Brian MacKenzie: Elite Rowing, 3fu3l, Crossfit Endurance

Brian MacKenzie is the mastermind and creator behind 3fu3l; Erin Cafaro (now MacKenzie) is the elite athlete and guinea pig who tested it out to prove it works at the elite level. We talk about what it was like creating 3fu3l, testing it out during Erin's workouts, and the best ways they've found to incorporate 3fu3l into their overall nutrition protocol.

Brian is creator of 3fu3l and Crossfit Endurance. Erin is an elite rower, and holds 2 Olympic gold medals in the Women’s 8+ event from the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing and 2012 Olympic Games in London.